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Heal Grow Lead Podcast with Melody Watts

Feb 28, 2020

In this week’s podcast episode I am fortunate to sit down with my older sister, Heidi Luekenga and talk about NLP.

You may or may not have heard of NLP which stands for Neuro-linguistic Programming that became more “mainstream” with people like Tony Robbins.

NLP is a really powerful tool to help us change negative thought patterns, as well as dissolving emotional or behavioral patterns that may be holding us back.

We go into what NLP is and how it can help us in various areas of our life. I also share with you a little information on a personal session I had recently… ...WOW!

I was blown away as it helped me address some of my own fear patterns and I was able to unravel some amazing things during my own session.

You’ll love this episode and will come out knowing that you don’t have to push through the pain.

You can change the way your brain feels about past, present and future events.


Xo Melody


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