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Heal Grow Lead Podcast with Melody Watts

Mar 27, 2020

 Hey friends…

...I love this episode, but I may be biased :-), because it is me interviewing my husband, Walter.

We speak about how he ‘deals’ being the CEO of a Mom on a mission while also being a Body Code Practitioner.

We talk about living with a powerful & driven woman and how we balance our home and family life. How do you support each other's dreams, when in a similar situation?

This is a great episode to share with husbands who have driven entrepreneur wives that are running businesses.

You don't have to fit the traditional mold of a stay at home Mom & working Dad, in order to have a happy family with well developed kids.

It’s all about putting ego aside, communicating, sharing your dreams, supporting each other and placing your priorities in the right order so you can your family intentionally.





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